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SIGNAL Dual & Triple Needle 20PCS/BOX


SIGNAL needles are available in various thicknesses and numbers, depending on the operator.

It is thin and light, so it can be performed quickly and the needle length is longer than other products.

It is a non-sterile needle that is used for the treatment by inserting a needle into the skin or tissue. It must be sterilized before use.

Before use
– Check the appearance and packaging.
– Do not use if the packaging of the product is damaged or if the appearance is abnormal.

How to use
– Sterilize the product with ethylene oxide gas.
– Fix the needle to the instrument.
– Make sure the needle is fixed correctly and puncture the skin or tissue.

Storage and Management
– Store in a well-ventilated dry place away from direct sunlight
– Wash immediately after use, rinse with distilled water and dry. Store in a safe container after sterilization.

Needle Type

Dual 15P, Dual 15U, Dual 17P, Dual 17U, Dual 19P, Dual 19U, Dual 21P, Dual 21U, Dual Slop 15P, Dual Slop 17P, Dual Slop 19P, Dual Slop 21P, Dual Slop N 15P, Dual Suji 21P, EMBO Curved Silver 18P, EMBO Mountain 21P, Triple Zigzag 16P, Triple_4, Triple_6


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