Shinkigoo New Power Moxa 52pcs


52pcs per box

Diameter 23mm x height 20mm

Can permeate ten times as much as regular moxa

Must only be burned in the special Power Moxa burner that is sold separately

Up to 60 minutes burn time

Composed of the highest quality ingredients

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Haitnim moxibustion is made with 100% Ganghwa-do Sajabal Mugwort.
In the process of milling dried mugwort, fiber and powder are divided, and only 10-30% of the fiber is extracted.
A Type is made with only this fiber, and B type is a product that contains half of the powder in the fiber.
There is no difference in the effectiveness of the product, but A type is recommended for those who are sensitive to smell.
B Type ash may be broken and scattered after combustion.


A, B


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