SafeLan Auto Lancing Device / Wireless Type


SafeLan Auto Lancing Device
Brand : Safelan
*Compositions: Device + Manual + Recharger
SafeLan Auto Lancing Device
Brand : Safelan
*Compositions: Device + Manual + Recharger
* Power consumption(Adapter): AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz. 0.4A
* Rated output: DC 12V, 1.0A.
* SafeLan Auto Device Size: 120mm(4.72″) x 110mm (4.33″)
* Penetration depth(5-Step): 1.0mm,1.38mm,1.75mm,2.13mm,2.5mm
* Charging time: 30 minutes to 1 hour.
* Continuous use time: More than 2 hours(minimum)
* Made in Korea.
[ Product Features ]
1. No pain part
– Minimizes pain by tapping the skin, almost at the same time penetrating.
2. Prevent 2nd infection
– By using SafeLan, it can prevent the risk of transmitting blood- borne pathogens by replacing end cap of the lancet contaminated with blood.
3. Convenience
– Wireless motor type device for easy usage.
– Easy to attach and detach.
– Adjusting depth of penetration in 5 steps(1.0mm/1.38mm/1.75mm/2.13mm/2.5mm)
4. 2 modes available (single hitting / continuous hitting mode)
1. First of all, select one of the two modes. One is single shot mode and the other is repeating mode.
2. Turn the sterile lancet, SafeLan, clockwise on the SafeLan-Auto painless lancet, matching the screw thread until it is locked up. Pull the protective tip of the lancet to discard.
3. To select a penetration depth, pull the head part and then turn it right or left.
4. Hold the grip of the device and place the lancet perpendicular to the area want to make punctures. After then, Press the push button and start treating. Once you’ve finished treating one area, move onto the next.
5. After treatment, wash or disinfect the treated area.
6. Turn the used lancet, counterclockwise until it is detached and dispose the lancet according to the rules and regulations of medical waste management or guidelines.


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