Pellet Bottle Sealing Sticker [Small/Large/Extra Large]


S – 22mm for 25ml pellet bottle / 350pcs
L – 25mm for 27mm pellet bottle /360pcs
XL – 29mm for 32mm pellet bottle / 240pcs

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How to use

Remove the adhesive portion of the sticker.
Place the sticker on the lid with the adhesive side facing out.
Turn the lid on the bottle with the pellets and close it tightly.
(Alternatively, put a sealing sticker on the mouth of the bottle and close the lid to attach it.)
When you open the lid, the sticker is glued to the top rim to seal it.


*The blue part is not defective even if it is separated by using vegetable adhesive, so it is not possible to return it for that reason.


L, S, XL


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