Kang Hwa Pipe Moxa 200pcs


200pcs per pack

The smell or mugwort is soft and burns well, so you can feel the rich warmth.

The most common and popular product, made with 100% Wormwood.

For use with 1 hole or 5 holes moxa plates
* Moxa plates are not included – must be purchased separately

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How to use
1. Insert the pipe moxa into the hole of the moxa plate.
2. Light the end of the moxa on fire.
3. Attach the moxibustion plate to the affected area.
4. Keep it until all the pipe moxa are burnt.

1. Do not use on areas with weak skin or on the face as blisters may occur.
2. Patients, idiosyncratic constitutions, and pregnant women should not use it just in case.
3. As there is a risk of fire, check and discard after the moxibustion is completely burned.
4. Be careful of burns when applying moxibustion to danjeon, knees, and waist.
5. Store in a dry place away from moisture.


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