Kang Hwa Long Pipe Moxa 35pcs


‘- Pipe Length: About 10cm

– May be cut in half to be used with 5 hole moxa plate

– Long duration due to its long length

– Moxa temperature: 50C – 60C(122℉~140℉)

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‘- Made of high quality select moxa, this product makes the characteristics of moxa in practical use possible, so that anyone can confidently use it with ease.
– Long pipe type moxa can be used by itself, but it is even more convenient with a moxa plate. When using with a moxa plate (5 hole , 1 hole), cut the pipe moxa to the desired length.
– Long pipe moxa can be held by a hand when using.
– Protect from direct fire heat. When used with a big towel, the effect is magnified, and indoor smoke emission can be reduced. One moxa stick can be used for about 50 minutes.
– Cover the moxa plate with a tissue, and move the moxa plate around if the temperature is too high.
– Moxa smoke descends and shields the treatment area, resulting excellent relaxation and sterilization effects.
– This product can be safely used at home as well as clinic, and it does not touch the skin directly, thus preventing burns or leaving scars.


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