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Hisang Turtle Moxa Device / Moxa cone [Small]


Moxa Device – width 80mm x length 70mm, 250g

Moxa Cone – width 22mm x length 15mm, 32pcs

– Can be used for at least 40 minutes with one moxibustion

– With a wide circular structure , anyone can safely treat moxibustion regardless of body shape.

– Low smoke and odor, suitable for indoor use

– A structure in which mugwort does not settle on the skin

– Very safe with spherical cover structure

– With the convenient handle and lightness of the moxibustion, it can be used in any area and at any angle.

– Even beginners can use it

1) Place the moxa cone in the moxa device.
2) Use a torch to ignite the top center of the moxa cone. Ignition takes approximately 15~20 seconds.
3) After igniting, gently blow on moxa to ensure moxa ignites fully and evenly. If moxa is properly ignited, the top center of the moxa cone will form a glowing, red circle.

1) Once the ignition is completed, place the lid on the base and lock the device with the silicone safety band.
2) User may leave the
device outside for several minutes to eliminate any excessive odor.

1. Cover skin with thin fabric or clothing. Do not use on bare skin.
2. Do not use on the face, soft skin, or other sensitive body parts. Do not use on pregnant women or patients who are unable to detect the sensations of heat or pain.
3. If device is used incorrectly, redness or heat blisters may appear after application. Do not leave in one place for an extended period of time. If the heat becomes uncomfortable, remove immediately.
4. Use in a well-ventilated area.
5. Moxa device and moxa should be administered and used under the direction or supervision of a qualified practitioner. Do not leave patient unattended during any moxa use.
6. Be cautious when touching the moxa device – may cause burns. Please use handles.
7. Keep moxa device out of reach of children.
8. DO NOT fall asleep during moxibustion to prevent possible burns or fires.
9. Dispose of remaining ash in a non-flammable area.

**Moxa device is extremely hot and can cause burns. Be cautious of possible burns or fires that may occur while using. Handle with extreme care. The user/purchaser accepts full responsibility for any burns or accidents caused by improper use of the product. **


Device, Moxa Cone (Small)


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