HANSOL Silicon Cupping Cup10pcs


HANSOL Silicon Cupping 10pcs Set

Hansol One-Touch Silicone Cupping Set is an easy-to-use, convenient cupping set suitable for everyone at any age. Cups are made of soft and durable silicone that is safe on even sensitive skin. It does not require any extra equipment like cupping suction pump so simple and quick to use. Its elasticity allows the cups to be applied even on the areas where conventional cups could not reach (i.e. wrist, knee, elbow). Silicone cups are safe to use under water as well so can be used during bath or sauna for more relaxing experience. Silicone cups are also safe to microwave as 1 minute in microwave can add warm sensation during cupping therapy. The set includes 10 silicone cups with clear storage bag.


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