Hane Acu-Point Press Pellets Silver Color


Non-sterile needles used in the human body for treatment, not for drug administration purposes.

#1 : 1 Acu-point band, 100pcs per box / [Bulk] 1000pcs per pack
#6 : 6 Acu-point band, 30pcs per box / [Bulk] 300pcs per pack

Disposable medical devices

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1. Wipe and glue your skin.
2. Do not attach to the wound.
3. If you have weak skin, elderly, or allergic skin, make sure to consult your doctor before using it.
If there is a problem with the human body, consult an expert before using it.

How to use
1. Wipe and glue your skin.
2. Push the Pressure Needle with the tip of your hand to stimulate it.
3. The needle falls together when you remove the tape.
4. Remove and do not overstimulate the Pressure Needle.


Gold, Silver


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