Haitnim Miyeon Shinkigoo Set


1 of Moxa Burner + 36pcs of smokeless moxa

A device for relieving muscle pain using the heat of moxibustion

Can permeate ten times as much as regular moxa

Up to 60 minutes burn time

Composed of the highest quality ingredients

How to use

1. Push the mugwort stick into the Haitnim Miyeon Shinkigoo and light the top of the mugwort stick evenly.

2. Press the safety cap firmly to cover it.

3. Place it straight on the affected area or acupuncture points where you want to moxibustion.
* Reduce the risk of burns by moving or relocating the base immediately if it feels hot.

4. After use, separate the copper cap from the body of the heater and wash the mugwort dust with alcohol or lukewarm detergent.

5. After drying the copper cap sufficiently, assemble it with the body and store it in a shaded and dry place.
* Be careful as the body and base of the new appliance are made of ocher and dissolve easily in water.


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