Haeng lim Moxa plate


Used for moxibustion of the pipe moxa, such as the long pipe moxa

There is no risk of injury due to the indirect moxibustion method in which there is a distance between mugwort and acupuncture points.

– 1 Hole : Suitable for use in narrow areas such as fingers and toes.

– 5 holes (flat) : The bottom is flat, so it is suitable for use on flat areas.

– 5 holes (curved) : The bottom surface is curved, so it is suitable for use on curved parts of the body (arms and legs).

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How to use
1. Plug the Pipe moxa into the plate.
2. Light the end of the pipe moxa.
3. Put it on the desired area, wait until it burns, remove it, and shake off the remaining pipe moxa.

1. Handle with care to avoid burns or fires that may occur during use.
2. After burning the pipe moxa, check that there is no embers and remove it using tweezers.
3. Keep out of reach of children.


1 Hole, 5 Holes (Curved), 5 Holes (Flat)


10, 20, 5


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