EVERLINE W-100 Tranexamic acid Ampoule


EVERLINE W-100 Tranexamic acid Ampoule

Volume : 5ml x 1 ampoule

Feature : Improvement of pigmentation and blemishes, Improved skin texture, Brightened skin tone

Ingredients :

  • Tranexamic acid
  • Amino acid

It relieves pigmentation caused by ultraviolet rays and keeps skin stressed from external stimuli clean and clear.

How to use : 

Step.1  Wash your face thoroughly before treatment

Step.2  Open the ampoule, take an appropriate amount and spread it on the skin.

Step.3  Rolling and needling on the face using a MTS needle.

Step.4  After MTS treatment, apply the remaining ampoule to the skin and lightly tap with your hand to absorb.

Step.5  Finish with moisturizing cream and regenerating cream. (Be sure to apply sunscreen when going out.)


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