EO YEON MA RU Mugwort Moxibution 60 pcs


100% Natural Leaf Mugwort

The doughnut shape makes it easier to burn, and there is hardly any wormwood on it.

In the form of a short cylinder, heat is evenly distributed while burning.

Even after burning, it remains in a round shape and is easy to throw away.

When burning, smoke and odor are produced.

60pcs per box

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Two ways to burn mugwort sticks:
– To use the gas stove, place the mugwort stick on the edge of the burner, burn it evenly for 30-40 seconds, and then put it in the mugwort moxibustion cup.
– When using a torch lighter, put the mugwort stick in the mugwort moxibustion cup and burn it for 30~40 seconds before using it as it is.

It burns in about 45 minutes, and the combustion time may vary depending on the temperature control of the moxa device.


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