EO YEON MA RU Moxa Device – Large


Material : ocher + clay

– Moxibustion Cup (width 98mm, height 55mm)
– Smokeless Cup (width 98mm, height 65mm)
– Main body (width 200mm, height 98mm)
– Lid

By turning the lid to open and close the hole, the strength and weakness can be adjusted

It is a safe design cup that does not settle on the skin, so it can be safely treated from burns.

*Moxa is sold separately

How to use
1. After selecting a cup according to the type of moxibustion, place it on the body and open the lid.
2. Put the lit mugwort moxa into the cup and close the lid.
3. Put the body on the stomach or pain area to perform moxibustion treatment.
4. When the proper temperature is reached, turn the lid to adjust the temperature.
5. Finish moxibustion when the temperature drops significantly.


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