Dong Bang Smokeless Gu Gwan Moxa 200pcs


Moxibustion helps prevent and treat diseases by floating on specific parts of the body.

Dongbang Smokeless Gu Gwan moxa has almost no smoke or smell.



25mm x 7mm

Gu-Gwan-moxa can be used on acupuncture needles or in combination with moxa plate
* Needle cap or Moxa plate is sold separately.


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How to use
1. Insert the old tube into the old plate.
2. Light the end of the tube on fire.
3. Put it on the desired area, wait until it burns, then remove it and remove the remaining old tube with tweezers.

1. Be careful as it may be dropped or broken by impact.
2. Handle with care in case of burns or fires that may occur during use.
3. After burning the old tube, check that there is no embers and remove it using tweezers.
4. Keep sealed in a dry place.
5. Keep out of reach of children.


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