Dong Bang Mildness Device DB253 for Charcoal Moxa Cone


Screw-type device for moxa treatment.

Mesh in the middle of the device holds the burning moxa, the heat passes up and down through the mesh protected top and bottom.

The screw in the middle can adjust the height of the device controlling levels of heat.

Secure one device or more if necessary with the belt and then attach around the waist or abdomen.

Also recommended to use with moxa pads for large areas such as shoulder and back.

How to use
1. Light the moxa cone evenly.
2. Hold it with tweezers and place it straight in the container.
3. Put on the safety cap.
4. Place the instrument on the acupoint or the affected area and float the moxibustion.
5. If it is too hot during use, turn the device counterclockwise to adjust the height.

– Adjust the height to avoid burns when it is too hot.
– After use, dispose of the mugwort charcoal after confirming that the inside has been completely extinguished to prevent fire.


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