Dong Bang Labbiel PDO Thread Lift Mono Type 100pcs


50pcs per 1pack x 2 pack

Thread Type: Mono type

2 Years from MFG

Manufacturer: Dongbang Medical co.,ltd.

Made in Korea

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This product is a disposable sterile medical device, so do not re-sterilize or reuse it.

Thread Size

25G-120mm, 25G-30mm, 25G-60mm, 25G-90mm, 27G-30mm, 27G-40mm, 27G-50mm, 27G-60mm, 27G-90mm, 29G-30mm, 29G-40mm, 29G-50mm, 29G-60mm, 31G-25mm, 31G-30mm, 31G-40mm


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