Chung Sin Ceramic Moxa Device Set


Set composition
– Ceramic Device : diameter 65mm x height 115mm, Far-infrared porcelain helps to get rid of germs and maximizes the effect of mugwort by expanding capillaries.
– Holder : diameter 53mm x height 120mm, The temperature can be adjusted up and down with a magnet mounted
– 1 Hole Plate : width 130mm x 130mm, height 37mm, It is made of special rubber material that withstands the heat and can be used even on sensitive skin.
– Wire mesh : diameter 50mm, It is placed at the bottom of the body to prevent the essence of mugwort from dripping.

Each part is available for purchase

Additional purchases
– 2 Holes Plate : rubber material, width 225mm x 140mm, height 52mm
– 3 Holes Plate : rubber material, width 305mm x 142mm, height 52mm

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How to use
1. After combining the ceramic device and the plate, place it on the acupoint according to the symptom.
2. Attach the plate to the skin with tape. (Attach it carefully so that the smoke does not leak out.)
3. Remove the holder from the main body, light the moxa cone, and place it on the circular plate of the holder.
4. Insert the holder into the ceramic body.
5. Lower the holder. When it is hot, you can adjust the temperature by raising the holder.

* Do not touch the porcelain part while the mugwort moxibustion is burning as it becomes very hot.
* Be careful with children or those with sensitive skin.
* Do not use for pregnant women under 3 months of pregnancy. (Pregnant women should use it after consulting with an oriental medicine doctor.)
* Do not use in hypertensive patients.
* Be careful of burns when using.


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1 Hole Plate, 2 Holes Plate, 3 Holes Plate, Ceramic Device, Holder, Wire Mesh


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