Chung Hoon Red Clay Smokeless Moxa Cone Plus 50pcs


Size : 22mm x 20mm

Quantity : 50pcs

Chung Hoon Red Clay Smokeless Moxa Cone Plus can be used in various mugwort moxibustion and steaming machines.

It is easy to use and the effect is higher by coating the mugwort moxa cone with ocher.

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How to use
1. Ignite evenly on the top of the product with a torch lighter for smokeless mugwort
* If it is not a dedicated lighter, it may catch fire slowly.
2. Since the ocher coating is thick, you need to light it so that it turns red up to the dotted line in the picture.
3. Burning time is around 25 minutes. (It may vary depending on the environment.)
4. At the initial stage after ignition, there may be a slight burning smell of ocher and mugwort charcoal.


* There is a risk of burns and fire, so be careful when using it.
* When using moxa cone, there is a risk of burns or fire due to mugwort powder falling on the skin. (The safety net should be less than 1mm in price to reduce the risk of burns.)


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