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CELL LINE PRO Tech Dual Needle 20PCS/BOX


Durability is upgraded to reduce tearing. Excellent flexibility allows natural curves.

Puncture needle that can be reused after sterilization

It is a non-sterile needle for the purpose of skin treatment and must be sterilized before use.

The model is the number of needles.

1. Preparation before use
– Check the appearance and packaging.
– Do not use if the product packaging is damaged or there is an abnormality in the appearance.

2. How to use
– Sterilize the product with ethylene oxide gas before use.
– Insert the cartridge into the instrument.
– After confirming that the cartridge is correctly fixed in the device, puncture the skin or tissue.

3. How to store and manage after use
– Store at room temperature
– After use, wash immediately, rinse with distilled water, dry and store in a safe container after sterilization.

– You must read the user manual thoroughly before use.
– Before use, check the packaging for any abnormalities, and check whether the body is cracked or damaged. Discard the product in case of any abnormality.
– Be sure to use it only for the intended purpose, and do not overuse it for any other purpose.
– The operator should fully understand the handling and operation before use.
– After opening, do not touch the exposed part or place it on the floor to prevent contamination.
– Do not use this product on patients with factors that prevent it from being used properly.
– Do not throw or drop as it is weak against impact.
– Since it is a user-sterilized product, be sure to use it after sterilization.
– During sterilization, ethylene oxide gas must be sterilized.
– Avoid direct sunlight and store in a well-ventilated, dry place.

Needle Type

15P, 15U, 17P, 17U, 19P, 19U, 21P, 21U, Diagnal 15P, Diagnal 17P, Diagnal 19P, Diagnal 21P, Diagnal N 18P


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