VS-line PDO Thread Bi Cog L-Cannula Type 4PCS/PACK


[Bi Cog] Type : Bi-directional barbed filament

Needle Type  : L-Cannula

Packing Unit : 4PCS/Pouch (1pack)

Country of Origin : Republic of Korea

Application : Face, Body

Effect : Immediate, long-lasting and powerful lifting

**Size : 21G-90mm (Expiry Date : 2023.12.05)

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**Size : 21G-90mm (Expiry Date : 2023.12.05)

Strict QA management system
• Usage and management of strictly selected high-quality components
• Operation of manufactory facility that thoroughly observes domestic and foreign regulations for medical device

Quality improvement and through continuous R&D
• Development of new products according to market trend
• Continuous quality evaluation and enhancement of existing products
• The first launcher of colorless PDO lifting thread in the market

Glove Box Packing
• Specialized packing system for non-moisture maintenance(under 400 ppm)

High Tensile Strength
• Strong and effective cog measurement for better effect




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