DERMAMAX Premium Sunblock


“UV Protection” Physical sunscreen to protect perfectly

100% inorganic plant sunscreen of plant ingredients protects against ultraviolet rays

Sun protection + Whitening + Wrinkle improvement triple functional product.

Volume : 50ml

Expiration date : Indicated on packaging

Distributor : Domax Medicare Co., Ltd.

Country of Manufacture : South Korea

Protect your skin from harmful UV rays with this Premium Sunblock. It contains Cypress Leaf Extract that helps treat acne and and draw out toxins and impurities from the skin, as well as Centella Extract to help calm inflammation and improve wound healing. It is a non-sticky formula with excellent moisturizing power and has SPA 50+PA+++

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“More than UV protection”
There is no light feeling and stickiness

Protects the skin

Healthy skin with whitening and wrinkle improvement

Forming a film on the surface of the skin, Reflects ultraviolet light Lasting effect without reapplying. (If not erased with sweat or water)

– Moist and soft type with excellent moisturizing power
– Creates natural skin without stickiness and no cloudiness
– After peeling and laser treatment due to the content of rejuvenating medicinal herb extract Effective sunblock
– Moisturizing sun cream that continuously moisturizes dry and very dry skin

DERMAMAX Sunblock is not sticky to the skin after application. Gently spreads on the skin and refreshes. It is a vegetable ingredient that has a skin soothing effect with physical sunscreen.


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