DERMAMAX Premium Repair Cream


With “Natural ingredients” recharge tired skin
For skin that needs nutrition and regeneration Powerful cream.

Volume : 100g

Expiration date : Indicated on packaging

Distributor : Domax Medicare Co,. Ltd.

Country of Manufacture : South Korea

Say goodbye to dry skin and let this Premium Repair Cream bring nourishment back to your skin. It contains Centella Asiatica Extract which helps calm inflammation, speed wound healing, and improve circulation. DERMAMAX Premium Repair Cream moisturizes, soothes, and calms the skin for a softer and fresher appearance.

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Plant callus culture extract EGF, complex peptide component

Smooth texture

Refreshing, non-sticky after use

You can check the brightened skin tone.


“EGF ingredients and effects”

Abbreviation for Epidermal Growth Factor EGF component means ‘cell regeneration factor’
53 types of regenerative cells that heal wounds without scarring.
Consisting of amino acids and excellent regeneration
It is said to work. Use cosmetics containing EGF ingredients
When it comes to skin elasticity, aging, scar treatment, and trouble relief, it is said to help.

– Safe use of sensitive skin with natural ingredients
– Helps to nourish the skin with complex peptide components
– Maintains moisture for a long time by balancing the damaged moisture of the skin
– Helps relieve redness and promote elasticity


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