DERMAMAX Perfect Foam


Bubble cleanser that helps with makeup cleansing and pore care.

Volume : 150ml

Expiration date : Indicated on packaging

Distributor : Domax Medicare Co., Ltd.

Country of Manufacture : South Korea

DERMAMAX Perfect Foam is good for gently removing makeup and dead skin cells. It contains Willow Bark Extract which helps reduces acne and excess oil, provides gentle exfoliation for a brighter skin, and minimizes pore size. It also helps soothe and revitalize tired and irritated skin.

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Perfect foam is a bubble mousse based cleanser.

It is used for makeup remover.

It helps clean your pores and removers dead skin.

During cleansing you can feel the softness on your skin.



It has properties of antioxidants, preservatives, and fragrances. It adjust the turnover cycle of oily skin or keratin that emits excessive sebum. It is an exfoliating agent that improves acne skin helps skin turnover.
Citric acid, an acid compound found in citrus fruits as citric acid as an organic acid, is also widely used for exfoliation (AHA component). Citric acid is also called lemon and we know by fermenting molasses extracted from natural fruits it is sour natural ingredient. It has the properties of antioxidants, preservatives, and fragrances. it helps skin turnover cycles that release excessive sebum.
– Contains natural ingredients – People with sensitive skin can feel at ease while using this product
– It contains triple hyaluronic acid which helps provide moisture to the skin.
– Balances the skin’s lost moisture and maintains moisture for a long time.
– Bubble cleanser that helps makeup cleansing and pore care with stiff bubble foam.


It is recommended for such people.
– Those who do not want to double cleanse when making up.
– Those who want moisturizing after cleansing.
– Those who want a rich bubble wash.
– People who are concerned about cleansing due to sensitive skin.


How to use
During cleansing, perfect foam can be used alone as a cleanser.
Apply the Perfect foam on skin encompassed by treatment (3~4 drops), avoiding the eye area.
Use the warm water or wet sponge clean the skin after use toner wipe the face.


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