DERMAMAX Exfoliating Gel


Contains “Triple hyaluronic acid”
Peeling gel to help moisturize the skin

Volume : 150ml

Expiration date : Indicated on packaging

Distributor : Domax Medicare Co., Ltd.

Country of Manufacture : South Korea

DERMAMAX Exfoliating Gel removes dead skin cells and moisturizes the skin. It contains White Willow Bark Extract which helps reduces acne and excess oil, provides gentle exfoliation for a brighter skin, and minimizes pore size. This exfoliating gel soothes and revitalizes tired-looking skin.

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Soothes tired skin from external environment and helps vitality, It is a peeling gel that smoothly removes dead skin cells and helps hydration.

Acetyl with very high hydrophilic properties help AcHA attach to the skin surface firmly. AcHA has small molecular weight, thus being able to epidermis for a long time with a harf-penetrated structure to prevent moisture evaporation. Furthermore, it helps moisture accumulate within the skin and penetrates into the skin by combining with water to make the keratin layer smooth.


“Lactic Acid & Betaine Salicylate”
Lactic Acid prevent acne by opening the clogged pores to control excess keratin and to facilitate the discharge of sebum.
Betaine salicylate has the advantage of smooth skin improvement that can be obtained from sugar cane. Knows as betaine and baja, it pore and skin texture management.
– Safe use of sensitive skin with natural ingredients
– Gentle on the skin, smoothly, remove dead skin
– Maintains moisture for a long time by balancing the damaged moisture of the skin
– Through exfoliation, vitalizes and rejuvenates skin


How to use
After cleansing and toning, apply a thick layer of gel on face, neck and decollete, avoiding eye area with the use of a brush.
Leave on skin depending on its sensitivity (sensitive skin – up to 2 minutes / normal skin – up to 3 minutes / oily skin – up to 6 minutes) Do not massage.
Remove exfoliating gel with a spatula, rinse with lukewarm water or sponge.


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